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    Textile jewellery

Textile jewellery

Creations from silk designed to bring poetry to your daily life

The creations of Valérie Hangel combine two fashion universes: jewellery and textiles. Valérie combs the boutiques and markets to buy silks and give them a new lease of life in her creations. Each piece of jewellery is unique and tells its very own story as part of one of her three main collections which speak of her travels and her passion for exquisite material. Each collection has its own personality and adds a distinctive touch to your style, enhancing your wardrobe with unbridled chic.



Galerie H also features…

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Old fabrics collection

Ancient kimonos hand-picked with care, brushed woollen scarves, hand-woven textiles by the metre (linen, cotton, wool, hemp and rare materials, ethnic textiles, ikat fabric etc …) that Valérie and her partner Peter Kammermann have unearthed on their travels. The counter is home to a fine collection of fabrics brought from distant lands, bearing witness to the work of weavers around the world and ensuring that theirs does not become a dying art.

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Temporary exhibitions

As well as our presence at the “Parcours Céramiques Carougeois” biennale, we are also organising exhibitions in conjunction with local artists who specialize in craftsmanship and applied arts, including glass-work, ceramics, weaving, wood-working, lacquering and textiles.

Arts and craftsmanship

Valérie Hangel’s favorites.
Ceramics collection just a click button!

The gallery present Permanent collections of ancient and contemporary ceramics, unique pieces dreamt up by other designer and artisans including contemporary Japanese ceramics, glasswork from Bohemia and Murano, and art pieces. Galerie H is a haven of beautiful items, many found in the four corners of the globe.

Our services

Tailor-made jewellery

Express your personality with unique pieces of jewellery designed solely for you.
Choose your jewellery from the collections and select your colours from a vast choice of silks. Come to Valérie’s gallery and add your own inspiration into the creative process. Tap into your spirit of adventure and contact us: info@galerieh.ch or +41 22 300 17 27.

Care and repairs

Valérie Hangel’s jewellery is created with the greatest care and attention and designed to bring you pleasure for many a long year.
Accidents do happen, however, be it stains or tears, and there are also times when readjustments are necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to restore your jewellery to its former glory.


Gift voucher

The pleasure of gifting our unique creations has never been easier.
Simply fill in the order form and we will send the gift certificate to the person you are looking to treat.
Your friend or loved one can then bring the gift voucher to the boutique and make their choice.

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