The Hiroko Collection

This is the first collection ever created by Valérie and was named Hiroko in honour of a close friend from Japan, whom she met in Tokyo and who inspired in her a love of ancient kimonos.
A trip to Far East in 2008 saw Valérie first come into contact with all the cultural diversity that Japan has to offer, in particular the beauty of the silks, and the colours and motifs of the fabrics of the country.
She filled her suitcases with a whole host of ancient kimonos which she brought back to Switzerland, and the inspiration and sheer poetry that she drew from her journey drove her on to create her first pieces of jewellery using these elegant fabrics. The items were so successful that she decided to make it one of the main focuses of her work. Thus it was, that a trip abroad had such extraordinary and unexpected consequences, that it enabled Valérie to realise a childhood dream of becoming a jewellery designer.

The necklaces and bracelets in this collection can be crafted in the colors of your choice!