Valérie Hangel: Textile Jeweller

As a child, Valérie dreamt of becoming a jewellery designer. She studied at the Geneva School of Applied Arts then specialised in haute couture design. While the world of fashion was her main passion for a number of years, it did not provide her with enough forms of expression to be truly happy. Then she met Peter Kammermann who would become her partner in life and who shared with her his love of textiles. She hit upon the idea of integrating fabrics into jewellery design, a new dimension, which afforded her the space to finally give her creativity free rein.


Box containing tiny kimonos silk scraps.


Drawing for the assembly of a complex set.


A Love of Textiles

With their shared love of textiles, Valérie and her partner have travelled to the four corners of the globe to unearth new treasures. In 2008, they went to Japan and it was love at first sight. Valérie was dazzled by the culture of the country that was so subtle yet varied. She developed a real passion for its kimonos, silks of exceptional quality, and their delicate colours and rare motifs.

Since then, Valérie has devoted all her creative energy to Japanese silks which have become her trademark.


Ukiyo-e style print, by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1753-1806).


Unearthing Rare Treasures

Valérie is a seasoned traveller who has the deepest respect for craftmanship. These traits of her character foster in her a love of unearthing truly unique pieces wherever she may be and to bring them back for display in her gallery. She loves to transform her gallery into a cabinet of curiosities, be it with antique or contemporary ceramics, artisan glassware, rare pieces from faraway lands and regularly forms partnerships with other artists who inspire her.


Ceramics Cumbria Blue, Paul Scott

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